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Aidonitsa ’s e-shop is available in Greece, and contracts entered into via the e-shop are in the Greek and English language. By selecting a language, you automatically declare that you understand how to read and write it. Minors or persons unable to enter into legal transactions are prohibited from using the e-shop. By entering the e-shop you declare that you are an adult and can enter into legal transactions and undertake that you will not allow your particulars and username/password to be used by a minor or person unable to enter into legal transactions. If your username/password is used in that way, you are personally responsible. For that reason, please comply with the basic security rules for internet transactions.

The webpage and e-shop belong to the company with the corporate name


37km Old National Road Thessaloniki - Evzonoi, 57003

Thessaloniki Greece

Tel. +30 2310755142

VAT 800550165

By placing your order, we consider that you have read, understood and expressly and unreservedly accepted the terms and conditions of how this e-shop operates which are set out in detail below and in the Privacy Policy section. If you do not agree with any of those terms and conditions, please contact us before placing an order. You can access most parts of the website without registering your details. However, there are certain areas of the website that are only accessible after registration. We may amend some or all of these terms and conditions of use from time to time without giving notice. Consequently, you should frequently check the terms and conditions so that you are informed about your current rights and obligations at any point in time. The fact that you remain on and use the website after any changes which have been previously published in the terms and conditions of use is taken to be binding acceptance of the updated terms and conditions. No amendment or change shall be apply to or affect orders which have already been placed. If any terms and conditions are no longer acceptable to you, you must immediately stop using the website

Aidonitsa reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend some or all of the services it offers without giving notice at its unfettered discretion.

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Privacy Policy

My account

To access certain services Aidonitsa requests that users provide particulars so that they can be given a username/password. That data must always be true, accurate, valid and complete.

We recommend that you set up a personal account for the e-shop because registered users Aidonitsa, enjoy the following benefits:

They can place orders for products

They can save their favourite products in a wish list

They can save the dispatch address in the address book to complete the payment procedure more quickly

They can access all information relating to their orders and returns

Users are responsible for all transactions entered into using their username / password and are obliged to promptly inform Aidonitsa about any unauthorised use which may have taken place using the username/ password and about any potential breach of security.

Your data will not be disclosed by Aidonitsa to third parties apart from the cases referred to in the Privacy Policy section. Aidonitsa is not liable for any damage or losses which may be incurred by users due to arbitrary or illegal use of their password / username by third parties, due to leaks or on any other manner, and reserves the right to request that the user pay compensation in the case where it incurs any manner of loss due the arbitrary or illegal use of the username / password. Aidonitsa shall be entitled at any time to refuse to provide a username/password or to cancel a username which has already been given or to terminate the provision of services to the user and to refuse any current or future use of the website in the case where the terms and conditions are breached.

Changing "my account" data

You can update the data in your account at any time. Connect to MY ACCOUNT and select the ‘Process’ field. You can change your personal details and then save the changes.

If you forget your password, click the list ‘Forgotten your password?’. Enter the email address you used to register and you will receive an email with your new password.


Our Newsletter provides information about promotions, and also topics of interest relating to Aidonitsa. You can register for it when you set up your account and from the dropdown menu in the home page by selecting ‘subscribe to our newsletter’.

You can also stop receiving the newsletter by selecting ‘unsubscribe’ at the end of any newsletter you receive or by sending an email to [email protected].


Η Aidonitsa cannot guarantee the availability of the products on display. However, it does undertake to inform users in good time if they are not available.

The products sold via the website are intended solely for purchase for personal use. Customers of the e-shop are NOT allowed to resell the products. Aidonitsa has made concerted efforts to present the website products in the most accurate way possible.

Having said that, in some cases there may be color differences or errors. Color differences from the actual color are unavoidable because of the different means used to view the products or the user’s screen.

We reserve the right to correct any errors or to change the page at any time without prior notice.


The product prices shown on the webpage are VAT inclusive.

Various product offers are valid while stocks last.

We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. Price changes do not affect orders that have already been placed.


By purchasing products via Aidonitsa ’s e-shop you are concluding a remote selling agreement which is regulated by the legal framework contained in Law 2251/1994 as amended. You can order using our online ordering process.

Placing your order

When you place your order we will immediately inform you about the order by sending an email.

On the first working day after your order is placed the e-shop service department will check whether the items ordered are available.

Aidonitsa cannot guarantee the availability of the products on display. However, it does undertake to inform users in good time if they are not available.

The confirmation and final acceptance of the order will be prepared by Aidonitsa between 08:30 and 15:00 hours on working days, Monday to Friday.

Specific examples of how an order might progress depending on the availability of products:

1. The case where the entire order is accepted and filled.

If the company checks stocks and finds that all items ordered are available, you will receive an email confirming that the order has been accepted.

We will then check the balance available on your credit card at that time taking into account the value of your order. If the balance available on your credit card is above the value of the order, your card will be debited with the amount which was blocked when your order was placed, and your order will be filled and you will receive an email about this.

If the balance available on your credit card is below the value of your order, we will send you an email stating that the order cannot be filled and someone from the e-shop service department will call you.

When the products are being dispatched you will be informed about how the shipment is going. The courier firm’s code for the shipment of your order will be sent to you so that you can use it as a courier reference code to monitor the progress of the shipment.

Α Your order will be with you within 3-5 working days from the date of acceptance. If there are delays for any reason, such as force majeure or transport problems, the courier firm will contact you. All the necessary procedures are outlined in the text below entitled ‘Tracking & Receiving your Order'.

Your purchase is complete when the products are delivered. The final retail receipt or invoice will be provided along with the delivery

2. The case of partial acceptance of the order

If some of the items comprising your order are not available, you will receive an email telling you about which items can be shipped. In addition, someone from the e-shop service team will contact you to inform you about this matter.

If you agree to a partial change in your order (by email sent to Aidonitsa we will send an email accepting the modified order. The next stage is to return the difference in the amount charged to your credit card. If you do not want part of your order to be filled, you must send us an email stating that you do not wish to place the modified order so that the whole order can be cancelled and the entire amount charged to your credit card can be returned.

The same procedure for checking stocks and for contacting and informing you also applies in the case of payment using the bank transfer method.

3. The case of total inability to accept the order

If your entire order cannot be filled due to lack of stock we will send you notice of this by email. To provide better, more direct information to you, someone from the company’s e-shop service department will also call you.

We will also send an email informing you that the amount blocked on your credit card has been released.

Tracking & receiving of your order

By purchasing products via Aidonitsa e-shop you are concluding a remote selling agreement which is regulated by the legal framework contained in Law 2251/1994 as amended. You can order using our online ordering process.

Orders are delivered by various transport companies from 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday. Your order will be delivered within the times stated on the days stated.

If the delivery cannot be made on the first date because the recipient is absent, the transport company will call you and leave a notice (SMS or sticker placed at a clear location at the entrance to your home) and will also seek to deliver the parcel on the next working day.

Parcels not delivered will be returned to Aidonitsa. If you need any information about order deliveries, send an email to [email protected],or call +30 2310755142, 08:30 – 15:30 Monday to Friday.

If you purchased items by credit card, to safeguard the cardholder the products will only be delivered to the purchaser who must accept the order in person by presenting his original ID card or passport.

Orders may be delivered to a third party if that person has been authorised in writing by you, the purchaser. Even in the case of written authorisation, the proxy must present the said documents (ID card or passport) to complete deliver of the ordered products purchased by credit card.

If payment is made by the COD method, at the time of delivery you must have the exact amount in cash in order to pay for the delivery. Payment by cheque is not acceptable and couriers will not deliver the order to you in such cases

Shipping & Delivery

In order to deliver your orders to GREECE, Aidonitsa collaborates with various transport companies. Orders are delivered from 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Delivery in Greece

Products can be delivered anywhere in Greece, and specifically to the location you indicate on the Order Form, by courier service. Deliveries are made daily, except on weekends and official holidays.

Shipping costs for each order varies. If the package is delivered cash-on-delivery, there is an additional 2€ charge.

All of the above prices are inclusive of VAT.

Delivery time

To GREECE if everything goes well, the delivery time for your orders is 3-5 working days from the date on which it is accepted by Aidonitsa.

Payment Methods

Credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners

E-wallet Masterpass

Bank Transfer (National Bank of Greece GR40 0110 8400 0000 8404 7059 393)

Bank Transfer (Alpha Bank GR55 0140 7220 7220 0200 2003 665)

Bank Transfer (Piraeus Bank GR170 1722 61000 5261 087914 034)

Bank Transfer (Eurobank GR0902602890000330200584341)

Payment Security

Aidonitsa does not have access to your bank details and does not store information relating to your bank or credit card. You are therefore asked to enter details about your payment with every order you place.

Η Aidonitsa will not be liable for any losses or damage (whether direct or indirect) which are suffered by any member of the Aidonitsa Club or for a card used illegally or used in an unauthorized manner.

Η Aidonitsa will not be liable for any loss which may be caused to your computer by viruses, worms, spyware or other similar programs while you are connected to our webpage. Please ensure that you have anti-virus software and firewalls installed and that any other programs designed to protect your computer are up-to-date.


If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can withdraw from the contract and return the products at your own expense by following the procedure outlined below:

1. You have a right to withdraw from the sale agreement within a fixed deadline of 14 days from the date on which you or a third party nominated by you received the products.

2. Within that deadline you are obliged to inform the company in writing (AIDONITSA I.K.E. whose registered offices are in Agio Athanasio, Thessaloniki, 57003, Greece , tel. +30 2310755142, e-mail: [email protected] ), about your decision to withdraw from the contract by sending a clear statement of withdrawal. You should inform us with all necessary information relating to the bank account to which the monies from the returned purchases will be credited if you paid by COD. More information is available in the paragraph entitled ‘Refunds in the case of Payment by COD.

3. If you submit the statement of withdrawal online, we will send you an email without undue delay confirming that we have received your statement.

4. Within 14 days from sending the statement of withdrawal in any way to Aidonitsa, you must return the products. That deadline will be deemed to have been complied with if you send the products back before the 14 days are up.

5. The cost of returning the products must be paid by you and you will be liable in the case of loss or destruction of the products during transport.

6. If you wish to use the courier firm GENIKI TAXIDROMIKI which we collaborate with and which delivered the products, in order to return the products, the cost of returning them will be deducted from the amount to be returned to you. Simply call GENIKI TAXIDROMIKI to pick up the products to be returned (by calling +30 2104851100) and tell it that the charge for returning the purchases will be handled by Aidonitsa.

7. We are entitled to delay returning the money until we have the products back and checked their condition. They must be in excellent condition just as they were went sent and as described in paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 below.

8. When the returned products are delivered to it, Aidonitsa will check their condition. Returned products must be unused (apart from trying them on to confirm that the size is correct) and must be in the same excellent condition they were in when they were delivered, both in relation to the item itself and its packaging and any special labels. You are responsible for ensuring the quality of the product packaging

9. You are responsible for any drop in value or change in the initial quality of the products you received as a result of improper handling.

10. Incomplete, destroyed, worn or soiled items which Aidonitsa objectively considers to have been used will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.

11. When you receive your parcel carefully check to confirm that items are in excellent condition. If you find any signs of damage during transport send an email [email protected], or call +30 2310755142 between 08:30 and 15:30 Monday to Friday.

If these terms and conditions and procedure are complied with, Aidonitsa will approve the return of the products and will refund you the value of the products. The cost of returning the goods may be deducted from this amount in line with term 7 and you will be paid depending on the payment method you selected. The procedure to be followed is explained in the section entitled ‘Refunds’.

12. No returns are supported for mattresses.

Returning wrong or defective products

If you receive a defective product or there was an error in filling your order (e.g. you were sent the wrong item, size, etc.) compared to the one your ordered, you are entitled to request that it be returned by sending an e-mail to [email protected], or call to +30 2310755142, between 08:30 and 15:30 Monday to Friday.

When the returned product is received, Aidonitsa will check its condition and ascertain the defect or mistake in the order.

n order for the returned product(s) to be accepted, the product(s) must be unused (apart from trying it/them on to see if the size is correct) and must be in the same condition in which you received it/them. This applies to the product and the packaging and any special labels. After those checks are made, if the error or defect is confirmed, Aidonitsa will approve the return.

When returning products in this way you will not be charged transport costs and the cost of returns will be borne by Aidonitsa,However, you must return them via the courier firm which we collaborate with.

If you want the product to be replaced with another one, you must place a new order. It goes without saying that you will not be charged delivery costs. Of course, it is possible that the item you initially ordered in another size or colour is not longer available

If you do not want to replace the product or it cannot be replaced because the product is not available, we will refund the value of the product. That amount will be paid depending on the payment method initially used. The procedure to be followed is explained in the section entitled ‘Refunds’.


The process of approving the refund will commence when we received the items returned. The products will be checked to see whether the aforementioned terms and conditions are met.

If the refund is accepted, we will send you an email about the monies to be refunded depending on the initial payment method used.

Refunds in the case of payment by bank transfer

Your money will be refunded by paying it into the bank account you indicated on the e-mail [email protected] .

with the request of return. You will need to provide the name of your bank, the name of the account holder and the IBAN. You can find this information on your bank statement or ask your bank for it. You can check whether the amount has been credited using online banking or by contacting your bank.

Refunds in the case of payment by card

Once we have agreed to your order being returned, the procedure to refund your money will start. This will be done by crediting the amount to your card.

Privacy Policy

Intellectual property rights

Other than specific third party rights (whether intellectual property rights or other rights) the entire content of the webpages (including logos, distinctive marks, photographs, text and all files in general) is the intellectual and industrial property of Aidonitsa and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European Community and international law.

That content may not be traded, copied, amended, reproduced, broadcast, or transmitted or distributed in whole or in part in any manner by any user. Every user is entitled to individually store a single copy of part of the content of the webpages for strictly personal use without deleting the indications of origin.

Third party products and/or services which may appear on the website pages are the intellectual and industrial property of third parties who bear the relevant responsibility for their content and the services and/or products.

User obligations

Users agree, accept and consent that they will use the webpages in a lawful and appropriate manner, and among other things are subject to the legislation on the transfer of data from Greece to Member States of the European Union and third parties. Consequently, users agree that they will not use the website for the following purposes (this list being indicative and not exhaustive):

To cause harm to minors.

o transmit or obtain access to content which:

Violates any third party rights (e.g. intellectual and industrial property rights)

Affronts third parties (e.g. slander, racist comments)

is contrary to law, morality or business usages

Invades the privacy or undermines the civil and social rights of third parties in any manner

To mislead anyone about the origin of the webpage content, to cause harm in any manner to the reputation of Aidonitsa or third parties, to put at risk the security of Aidonitsa, ν’s network, to prevent any user from accessing the webpages, or to bypass Aidonitsa ’s authentication checks.

o install and market in any manner any type of unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or spam, chain letters, pyramid systems or any other form of unwanted promotional material and to install and promote advertising without Aidonitsa’s written consent. Aidonitsa.

To install, market and/or provide content which contains computer viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or telecommunications equipment or to prevent other users from using webpages.

Not to disclose their or third party information containing personal data of users or third parties or real time conversations (chats, message boards) or when any webpage service which allows for more than two users to communicate with each other is being used.

In all cases where the webpages are used in an illegal manner or contrary to these terms and conditions of use, users shall be obliged to compensate Aidonitsa for any direct and consequential loss. Failure by Aidonitsa to exercise its rights deriving from these Terms & Conditions shall not entail a waiver of those rights.

Disclaimer for third party hyperlinks

Aidonitsa may refer to third party webpages on the internet on its own website, Aidonitsa clearly declares that it has no influence over the design and content of such hyperlinks<

Any reference to or links to other sites has been provided for your convenience and is not liable for the content, products or services provided (advertising or sales) on those sites.

Personal data

The confidentiality statement submitted to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority explains what personal data we collect and how and when it is collected, why we use it and under what conditions and for what purposes that information may be given to third parties.

If you have any queries about how your information is collected or used that is not answered in this confidentiality statement, please contact us at [email protected].

What information we collect and how we use it

When you register to create an account, place an order or send a request, we collect specific personal information from you such as your name, your postal address, your phone numbers and your email address, etc.

We use that information to identify you as a customer, to process your order, to deliver the products, to manage payments, to update your profile on our files and your account with us. More specifically, we send you information by mail, email, sms or any other electronic media including social networks with details about products, events, special offers and services. We may also use this information to tailor the way in which we communicate with your so that you receive personalized communications.

From time to time we may also ask you for other information such as your size, your preferences when it comes to product categories, your age or any special dates such as your birthday or Name Day, which will be used to improve the services we offer you.

n addition, we may also collect statistical information about website visits, sales and other usage-related information which we may provide to third parties for specific purposes in each case. That statistical information does not include any information that could individually identify you.

We may also use your personal data for in-house marketing and demographic surveys along with non-personal data to analyze and monitor consumer profiles to constantly improve the products and services we offer and to understand what might be of interest to you or other customers.

We strive at all time to be law-abiding and comply with the requirements of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and the applicable laws and regulations in order to ensure that your personal data is securely safeguarded and processed in a lawful, appropriate manner. Your data is held and controlled by Aidonitsa, Agio Athanasio, 57003, Thessaloniki Greece which is the data controller for the purposes for which the data is held. Please contact Aidonitsa, if you require any information about your personal data by calling +30 2310755142.

Where users of the Aidonitsa webpage and e-shop provide their personal data they are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of use of that data in line with this policy. Webpage users are not obliged to provide personal data. Where users do not consent to their personal data being used in this way, they should refrain from filling out the relevant fields although this may prevent access to the service being requested (see the comments in the ‘Protecting personal data’ section).

User rights

We hold your personal data as long as you continue to be an active client. You have the right to request and obtain the following information at any time:

a) all personal data relevant to you,

b) the purposes for which the data is processed and any recipients, and

c) you can also request corrections to, renewals or deletion of the data held on file and also have the right to submit any objections about the data relevant to you.

You can amend or update your personal data by logging into the MY ACCOUNT webpage. If you want to delete your personal data or to stop receiving marketing communications from us, you can send an email to [email protected] , .

What are cookies and how are they used?

Η Aidonitsa uses cookies to identify users. Cookies are small text files stored on each user’s hard disk and do not access any document or file on the computer but are simply used to make it easier for the user to access specific services and for statistical reasons, to determine which areas and services on the website are useful or popular. They can also be used for marketing purposes. Users can adjust the server settings so that cookies cannot be received at all or only in specific cases. In that case, users may not be able to access these services.

Cookies are small pieces of information provided to your computer when you visit a website or an e-shop and they sometimes record information about how the website is being used. When you enter our website, our web server sends a cookie to your computer which allows us to identify it. By matching the cookie ID to your other information (such as when you log-in to the website) then we recognize that the information in the cookies relates to you.

We use cookies to improve your overall experience and the quality of services available via our website. This use includes monitoring the content of your shopping basket, remembering you when you return to the website, identifying how you surf the internet, including what you select, and also what website you used in order to visit our website.

If you continue to use our website we consider that you consent to the cookies settings and agree that you have understood the cookies policy we implement which explains how you can manage your cookie settings and preferences. You should know that restricting the use of cookies will affect your user experience and can prevent you from using part of our website

Other persons who could use your information

In some cases we may share your information with associated companies including other companies in the Aidonitsa, Group, franchisees, licensees and selected service providers performing tasks on our behalf, and providing advertising or data management services.

We may also share your information with other companies that help marke Aidonitsa, ’s products and services in order to provide you with better customer service. In all events, we will only provide those companies with the information needed to provide their services and will not allow that information to be used for other purposes. Information is used in accordance with the applicable legislation.

You should also be aware and you accept that in some cases we may disclose your personal information to third parties because legal requirements demand it, in order to comply with legal procedures, to reduce credit risk, to prevent and identify fraud, or to protect and defend Aidonitsa’s rights and assets..

Changes in the personal data protection statemen

We may update the personal data protection statement from time to time. The amendment privacy statement will be posted on our website.

Please check the website from time to time to learn about changes to this personal data protection statement.

Security statement

Unfortunately the transmission of information via the internet is not completely safe. Despite the fact that we may every effort to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the safety of the personal data you provide us with and any information transmitted is as your own responsibility.

Despite that we can and do use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access where that is possible.

Despite that we can and do use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access where that is possible.

By registering for our website users consent to their personal data being using by Aidonitsa as the party responsible for processing data using automated media by it or via any other persons appointed by Aidonitsa to process data on its orders and on its behalf.

These terms and conditions of use and any amendments to them are governed by the laws of Greece. The local courts of Thessaloniki are competent to resolve any disputes which may arise under this agreement. Aidonitsa is not liable for any damage or loss incurred because of your inability to respect and comply with the above terms and conditions of use.